Microplate Readers

The BIF acquired two Tecan microplate readers in Jan 2014. Either reader is available for walkup use, but can be reserved if scheduled runs are needed. If you have a sample that is time sensitive, it is best to reserve time to make sure that your sample can be run efficiently. All users must be trained by BIF staff. To request training, contact Dan Stevens.

Documentation and Application Notes

Photo of Tecan Infinite M1000 ProTecan infinite M1000 Pro

The M1000 Pro is a monochromator based instrument capable of measurement of absorbance (single point or scan), fluorescence (single point or excitation/emission scans), fluorescence polarization, luminescence, luminescence dual color, luminescence scan and AlphaScreen/AlphaLISA. The M1000 can heat samples (but cannot cool below ambient temperatures) and can shake between reads.

The M1000 is compatible with 6-, 12-, 24-, 48-, 96-, 384-, 1536-well plates. It is also possible to program in a custom plate layout.

The M1000 is equipped with an injection module with dual syringe pumps. These pumps are capable of liquid 
delivery into 6- to 384-well plates which can be done independently or as part of a measurement protocol.

Photo of Tecan infinite F500Tecan infinite F500

The Tecan F500 is a filter based instrument capable of absorbance, fluorescence intensity, fluorescence polarization, luminescence and dual color luminescence. The instrument can shake and take periodic measurements while regulating temperature (above ambient) to monitor reactions or growth curves.

The current filters available for use are listed below. If there is a filter that might help your research, contact BIF staff to.

Measurement Mode Excitation Filter (Bandwidth)Measurement ModeEmission Filter (Bandwidth)
Fluorescence Intensity320 nm (25 nm)Fluorescence Intensity620 nm (10 nm)
Fluorescence Intensity485 nm (20 nm)Fluorescence Intensity665 nm (8 nm)
Absorbance492 nm (10 nm)Fluorescence Intensity535 nm (25 nm)
Fluorescence Intensity340 nm (35 nm)Fluorescence Intensity612 nm (10 nm)
Fluorescence Intensity612 nm (10 nm)Fluorescence Intensity670 nm (25 nm)
Fluorescence Intensity535 nm (25 nm)Fluorescence Intensity590 nm (20 nm)
Fluorescence Polarization485 nm (20 nm) - PolarizedFluorescence Polarization535 nm (25 nm) - Polarized*
Absorbance600 nm (10 nm)Fluorescence Intensity510 nm (10 nm)
Fluorescence Intensity465 nm (20 nm)--

*There are 2 identical polarized emission filters that are perpendicular to each other for fluorescence polarization measurements.

The F500 is compatible with 6-, 12-, 24-, 48-, 96-, 384-, 1536-well plates. It is also possible to program in a custom plate layout.

NanoQuant Plate

Similar to a NanoDrop/NanoVue, the NanoQuant plate is a custom plate for use in determining the amount of nucleic acids in very small samples (2uL) with up to 16 samples on a single plate.

Documentation and Application Notes

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