PI iLab Signup

Each PI with researchers that are using BIF instrumentation must obtain an iLab account.  This account will allow the PI to manage which users belong to their lab, the grant numbers to be used, and which grants each individual has access to for billing purposes.

PI iLab Instructions:

  1. Click here to log-in.
  2. Click the “sign up” link in the upper right corner and complete the form choosing yourself as a PI.
  3. Once logged in, look for the link in the left hand menu that says 'my labs'. Hover-over and select your lab.
  4. Set the auto-approval amount if you do not wish to approve service requests below a certain dollar amount. To do this, select the 'Members' panel and enter a dollar amount in the 'Auto Pre-Approval' amount and click 'save settings.’
  5. To approve lab membership requests, select the ‘Membership Requests & Institution Fund Name’ tab. New membership requests will show at the top of this page. Click “Approve” to accept a member into your lab. Click “Reject” if they are not a member of your lab.

Responsibilities in iLab:
As a Principal Investigator, you have a few new responsibilities to enable your researchers to order service from the cores and make equipment reservation, specifically:

  • Accepting users into your lab (see item 1 below)
  • Adding available funds (“Cost Centers”) to your lab (see item 2 below)
  • Assigning funds to lab members (see item 3 below)
  • Approving certain core service requests (see item 4 below to set the threshold)
  • Managing lab members and their rights (see item 5 and 6 below) 

 Image of iLab PI sign-up1

Image of iLab PI sign-up2

If you have any questions about the iLab system, or need further assistance getting an account or signing up for instrument usage, please contact BIF staff.