Introducing iLab!

Welcome to all new and returning users, we are happy to announce that the BIF is now connected to an online scheduling and funding organizational system.

What is iLab?
iLab is an online scheduling and funding program that allows users to schedule instrument time remotely, view calendars for instrument availability and allows PIs to input and assign funding strings to their researchers.

How do I use iLab?
In order to use iLab to schedule time on an instrument, you must obtain a login, click here for details. Additionally, your PI (or proxy) will need a login to assign funding numbers to you and your labmates.  Once you have a login, and you have been trained on an instrument, you can sign up for instrument time.  As always, please contact BIF staff for instrument training.

I’m a PI, what is my role in iLab?
As a PI, you are responsible for accepting your group members into your lab, adding in funding strings and assigning them to the appropriate researchers.  For more details about obtaining a login and how to manage your account, see link.

How do I Schedule Time on Calendars?
To reserve instrument time in the BIF, go to the BIF website instrument calendar site and click on the appropriate calendar.  Alternately, you can login to the BIF iLab web page by using this direct link. When you are logged onto the iLab system, the Schedule Equipment tab will be located next to the About Our Core tab.

image of iLab how to schedule
figure 1

When on the Schedule Equipment window, the equipment available will be listed. To view an instrument’s calendar, click on the instrument category (ex. Biophysical Instrumentation – Spectroscopy) and then the resource name or the view calendar button to the right of the name.

image of iLab how to schedule
figure 2

In the calendar several tabs can be accessed:

image of iLab calendar view
figure 3

  • Return to Schedules - to return to the list of facility resources window
  • Schedule - to view the current schedule for the all of the Resource sets for the listing in the Multi View, or the Day, Week of Month of the listing
  • Description - a description of the equipment
  • Other Schedules - to view and access other equipment listed and calendars
  • legends & help - Click on legends and help to view pricing, a calendar color legend and reservation color legend.
  • refresh events - Click on refresh events to refresh the calendar to see any events created or updated since you last opened the page.

The color legend for events seen in Figure 3 is below.

  • Green Events - Your future reservations
  • Yellow Events - Your past reservations
  • Gray Events - Reservations created by other users
  • Red Events - If the equipment is unavailable for selected amount of time
  • Orange Events - In some cases, cores require core approval for reservations.  If you have reserved time on the calendar that requires core approval, that event will be in orange. When the reservation has been approved you may receive an email and you will see the event turn to green.
  • Purple Events - When a reservation is approved by the core it will turn purple.

To create a new reservation - initiate a reservation on the calendar by clicking and dragging on the day and time of the intended usage. A window will pop up that contains information required to create the event under event details. A sample form can be viewed in Figure 4.

Image of iLab reservation details
figure 4

To edit your reservation – click on your reservation on the calendar and then click on the edit icon (see figure below).  Note: Instrumentation reservations cannot be altered if less than 30 minutes from the start of your reservation time.  If you would like to cancel your time within this window, please contact BIF staff.

image of iLab reservation detail
figure 5

To delete your reservation – click on your reservation on the calendar and then click on the edit icon (see figure above).  Once you are in the form, click the delete reservation button (lower right – see figure 4).

How do I edit my funding numbers?

Your PI is responsible for the addition of funding numbers as well as confirming that you are a member of their lab.  PI’s should see above (link) for more details.

I’m still confused, can I get more help?

Yes, the BIF staff would be more than happy to get you started using the iLab system.  We are always willing to help out with any problems that you may encounter.  Just email, call or stop by the BIF and we can help.